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    Well… it looks like it was an eventful evening all around.


  • Few thing seem as right in the moment as the “drunk dial.” I mean, Jack does kinda made a little sense here, am I right? LOL! Sound off about your favorite Drunk Dial story in the comments below! No judgement, I promise!


    Nothin’ like late-night shenanigans to close out the first party of semester!


  • She’s not forward, she’s…progressive. Yeah, that’s it. Progressive.

  • Never underestimate a drunken monkey when it comes to drinking games, lol!

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    There’s nothing like a little armchair commentary to add some new perspective to the world, lol!

  • GloryDaze_web_0028

    Damn, Beer Goggles are a bitch… Ed really is gonna be pissed in the morning.

  • GloryDaze_web_0027

    Without fail, there was always someone at every single party who got so drunk that they thought they could dance. And nearly every time, hilarity ensued for all those watching. Good times, lol!

    On a side-note…man, Owen is one surly bastard this evening. I think he might have some anger issues.

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    Wow! I can’t believe that this issue marks the end of the first year of strips! I can’t begin to thank everyone who reads the strips enough for all of the support and feedback I’ve gotten since I launched this little project! It’s been a great a start, but I have plenty of more adventure coming, so definitely keep coming back!


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    There are few things that suck worse than seeing no line for the bathroom, only to discover that there are, like, 15 girls in there taking forever… fortunately for Bruer (in more ways that one, it would appear), there’s only one person gumming up the works at the moment.

    Oh, and would you look at that…I guess we know what Bruer’s kryptonite is now, lol!

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    There are few things that are more awkward — or can be more annoying — than being the proverbial “third wheel.”

  • GloryDaze_web_0023

    That does seem like some sound advise…

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    Nothing says “basement fraternity party” quite like cheap beer and Jungle Juice, lol! And if there wasn’t at least one freshman passed out or puking in the backyard, that meant that we didn’t do our due diligence in providing such a simple, yet effective concoction for the masses!

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    When Rush Week is just around the corner, you gotta seek potential wherever you can find it…but just like talent, potential is sometimes found in unexpected places.

  • GloryDaze_web_0020

    Ah, the Privileges of Brotherhood…there are few things I miss more about college than the little perks that came from being in a fraternity. Membership truly did have its benefits!

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    Of all the non-card-based drinking games, Flip Cup was always my Varsity sport. Whether is was up-and-back, full-cup or even flip cup with grain alcohol, even when you lost, you kinda won, lol!

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    Lit Majors…who knew?!

    Devon’s got the right idea, though. Front-loading the night can never go wrong, lol!

  • GloryDaze_web_0017


    Every college student should have a healthy respect for the classics.

  • GloryDaze_web_rev_0016


    You gotta watch out for the girls dancing alone way too early at the party… it could mean more trouble than the entire drunken Rugby Team, lol!

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    It sure took some time–and a little spilled beer–but the FNGs finally got the keg tapped and the Golden Nectar of the Gods is flowing plentifully. Now, the question becomes, will they stay upright long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labor?

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    A good tap is worth its weight in gold, but there was nothing worse than getting home from the liquor store to realize that you’d forgotten to pick one up along with the kegs. Fortunately, we always had a few laying around our various party houses at Frostburg, so in most cases, it was only a temporary setback. When this tragedy struck, one Brother or another would always swoop in with the much-needed beverage dispenser and be the hero of the hour!

    Looks like today is Ed’s time to shine…well, sort of.

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    When frustrations take over in a situation, there’s always someone trying to bring up some old shit…

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  • glorydaze_web_0012

    Happy New Year, Frostbrew Students!

    What a way to start off the new year, eh? These guys were in for quite a surprise once that door opened…but it’s left so many questions unanswered!

    Will Jamie, Jesse and Jackie come to the KEG party? What about the rest of the Tau Om sisters? Is Ed really mentally-deficient?

    Find out the answers to these and more burning questions as Glory Daze continues into 2017!






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    Back in school, I found that it was always better to put off dealing with uncomfortable situations for as long as humanly possible. Sometimes, the situation would just work itself out. Other times, it was just delaying the inevitable.

    Owen, on the other hand, is taking the initiative to confront Ed’s uncomfortable situation head-on, no matter what the consequences…we’ll just have to see how well that works for them, lol!

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    Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned beer toast? They’re racy, they usually involve a sexual innuendo, and, most of all, they’re intended to raise spirits while those involved raise spirits of their own! What are some of your favorite beer toasts/chants? Sound off in the usual place below!

  • glorydaze_web_0009

    Running into an ex- is never an easy or comfortable thing — especially when you don’t know that they’re your ex-.

    At least Law has the good sense to drown his frustration and anger in alcohol…the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems (Homer Simpson, Homer versus the Eighteenth Amendment)!

  • glorydaze_web_0008

    Well, you’ve gotta admire their school spirit, lol!

    On a side note, if you have the chance, please click here to vote for Glory Daze on! I’m trying to grow the readership and every vote moves us up the list. You can vote once a day, so vote early and vote often, as they say! Thanks in advance — it’s much appreciated!

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    While in school, one of the best ways to spread the word about a party, was to simply do just that… tell anyone and everyone in earshot that there was a party going on and where and when it was happening and that shit spread like wild-fire! Most times it didn’t require any convincing — cheap beer, overly-strong drinks and loud music usually sold itself!

    But, every now and again, it was worth extending a formal invite with the hopes that the recipient would show…

  • glorydaze_web_0006

    Man, am I glad that smartphones weren’t around when I was in school. I can’t even begin to imagine the stupid-ass shit that my fraternity brothers and I got into hitting the internet on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or, god forbid, YouTube…

    Too bad the same can’t be said for poor Cavs — boy, is he having a bad day.

  • glorydaze_web_0005

    There’s nothing like “The Morning After” to remind you that there is such a thing as too much to drink…But, hey these things happen to the best of us, am I right?

    Sound off in the comments section with your own crazy “Morning After” story!

  • glorydaze_web_0004

    It’s too bad that party planning wasn’t a major at Frostburg, because if there was one thing we had down to a science, it was setting up for a party!

    We always managed to figure out how to stack an entire house worth of furniture into the smallest bedroom or unused hallway so that we could cram as many sweaty bodies inside as humanly possible… all the while using whatever we had on hand to sound-proof the rooms to keep from getting the dreaded “Noise Violation.”

    But, as Owen, Ed and Collin can attest, Art certainly was a major.

  • GloryDaze_web_0003

    Man, some mistakes are hard to live down… but hey, who knows? Maybe this guy and Cavs would hit it off..? I guess only time will tell. Enjoy!

    Oh, and look what came just in time for the Baltimore Comic-Con:















    If you’re planning to hit up the show this weekend, let me know in the comments section and look for me on Saturday in Artist Alley, handing out these die-cut vinyl stickers to promote the comic.


  • GloryDaze_web_0002

    Living in the dorms was… interesting, to say the least. Although I only lived on campus my freshman year, I did end up living in two different dorms and spent enough time in the dorm rooms of some of my pledge brothers to learn one thing: there is always that one Resident Assistant or Resident Director who took living on-campus entirely too seriously.

    You know who I’m talking about… They were the ones who had school spirit coming out their asses and who took the idea of communal living to a whole new level. Whether it was door decorating, baby picture bulletin boards or pushing campus-sponsored activities, all I could do was shake my head and laugh.

    That being said, I did meet some really great people while living on campus that first year — people that I would end up being friends with long after we shared a cramped living space. On top of that, I walked away with some pretty crazy memories from that fateful year on-campus…

    How about you? Sound off in the Comments Section with your crazy dorm adventures! Enjoy!

  • GloryDaze_web_0001

    The end of August was always a special time of the summer for me — it meant the return to my own little kingdom in the hills, the start of a new semester, and the promise of all-new, crazy adventures!

    But, lest we forget, it also meant a whole new Freshman class ready to be inducted into — and corrupted by — college life in a small mountain town. Check your whiteboard kids, ’cause the KEG boys are coming to the dorms! Enjoy!


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