Brothers of Kappa Epsilon Gamma

Reed Bruer

Bruer is our main character. He loves college-life at Frostbrew and has built a reputation for himself around campus as the “life of the party.” He’s a decent hockey player, playing for both the school’s ice hockey team and the Fraternity’s intramural street hockey team. Outwardly self-confident, he struggles deep down with living up to the persona he’s built for himself at Frostbrew.

Jack “Cavs” Cavanaugh

Cavs is Bruer’s best childhood friend and his pledge brother in KEG, and the current President of the Fraternity. Although he acts like a player, often getting the girls he goes after, deep down he’s really looking for that special someone. In his spare time, he plays guitar in a cover band with other students at Frostbrew.

Nathaniel “Natty Boh” Bohregard

Boh is Bruer’s pet Capuchin Monkey and an honorary Brother of Kappa Epsilon Gamma. He’s a bit of a lush and a legendary Beer Pong player. He communicates with the world via emoticons that appear over his head.

John “JD” Davis

JD is a cool, laid-back guy who looks at life through the lens of irony. He’s typically easy to get along with, but has a very low tolerance for bullshit and drama. He’s a pop culture nut and is an avid photographer, working part-time for the school paper, The Brew News.

Darnel Williams

Darnel is a wisecracking, ball-buster who calls it like he sees it. While he sometimes comes off like a bit of dick, his ribbing is usually in good spirits and he’s the first one to have the back of his friends when the chips are down. He’s very popular with the ladies and a little bit of a clown around the KEG house.

The Fuckin' New Guys (FNGs)

This is the honorific bestow to those brothers who just pledged the semester prior and are still getting a handle on what it’s like to be a brother of Kappa Epsilon Gamma. Because of that, they are typically over-doing it when it comes to… well, just about everything.

  • Connector.

    Owen Holman

    Owen is the sarcastic “leader” of our most recent FNGs. He’s the type of guy who will say anything to anyone regardless of how it is perceived. He is the eternal pessimist, but also the most practical of the three.

  • Connector.

    Collin Michaels

    Collin is the worrier of the group and the one most concerned about what others think about him. He lives by the mentality of “puke and rally,” often to his (and Owen and Ed’s) detriment and is most certainly not the voice of reason.

  • Connector.

    Ed Kerry

    Ed is type of guy who usually speaks without thinking. He is constantly getting too drunk and making bad decisions – often providing entertainment to Owen and Collin. He is definitely the “individual” of the FNGs, preferring to do his own thing much of the time.

Lawrence "Law" Harper

Law is the responsible one in Kappa Epsilon Gamma. He’s a take-charge kind of guy and when he talks, people tend to listen. He can be a bit of a hard-ass, especially with pledges, and is a little uptight, but he’s generally fun to be around after a few drinks to loosen him up.

Liam McShane

Liam is the sportsman of the fraternity – naturally athletic and gifted in almost every sport he plays. He’s the first one to grab a football to toss around or jump into a pick-up basketball game. Although he is athletically inclined, he’s not just a “dumb jock,” quietly making the honor role in every semester he’s been at Frostbrew.

Devon Vallar

Devon is the smooth-talking playboy of KEG. He’s intelligent, eloquent and well read, which he uses to his advantage while spittin’ game and bustin’ balls. He majors in International Business with a focus in Finance, but is not one to study, as school comes easy for him.

Students of Frostbrew University

Cali Gibbons

Cali is a freshman at Frostbrew University and roommates with Kyla Rogers. She’s sweet, yet sarcastic, and has a self-confidence that radiates out to all those around her. She’s kind of a “mother hen” to Kyla, and tends to be the voice of reason whenever she’s willing to listen to her.

Kyla Rogers

Roommates with Cali Gibbons, Kyla is also a Freshman. She’s quiet and reserved, having led a sheltered life prior to coming to Frostbrew. The product of over-bearing parents, Kyla was never one for going out and partying prior to coming to school, but is intrigued by the freedom being away from home provides her.

Christyn "Christy" Johnson

Christyn “Christy” Johnson is Law’s now-ex-girlfriend. The two began dating freshman year of high school and she decided that she wanted a break at the end of the previous spring semester. Over the summer, she began dating Thad despite wanting “space” and has clearly moved on from Law. She’s a reserved psychology major who tends to over-analyze the people and events in her life.

Thad Livingston, The Third

Thad is the president of Tau Upsilon Lambda (TUL) and Christy’s current boyfriend. He’s very much into himself, putting others – especially Christy – at a distance second, and takes great pride in his own douchiness.

The Wiley Triplets

Jamie, Jesse and Jackie Wiley are freshman at Forstbrew and are legacies of Tau Omicron Phi sorority. Their mother and aunts (also triplets) were sisters during the height of TOP’s popularity on campus and they hope to bring their legacy sorority back to its previous levels of acclaim. They’re quick-witted and sharp-tongued, but are also genuine in their demeanor.

Tracy Hillen

Tracy is the Social Chair of Delta Delta Sigma sorority. She’s very outgoing and loves to have a good time, especially at parties and socials, and is supremely confident. She’s the type of girl who is attractive and knows it, turning heads almost everywhere she goes, and often uses her looks to her advantage.

Cindy Bradford

Cindy is a sophomore Literature major who believes in living life to the fullest. She dreams of leveraging her life experiences into a career as a professional writer. She’s openly bisexual and usually follows her urges when it comes to the ways of the heart.

Katie McGaughy

Katie is also a sophomore Literature major with a focus on teaching. She’s a frequent bed-mate of Cindy’s and although she doesn’t identify herself as Bi, she sees experimentation and open-mindedness as positives.